Modern floral Persian Nain wool rug


This woven wool rug boasts intricate decoration, filled with floral motifs rendered in a subtle colour palette that would complement any interior.


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A product of immense beauty and exceptional density, this Persian rug exemplifies the rug-making tradition and expertise of the area, with the city of Nain being highly regarded for the quality and design of their rugs.

In the middle of the rug’s design is a central panel, which employs a detailed circular shape with intricate craftsmanship, drawing the viewer’s eye from the first instant. An elaborate series of floral motifs, pointed star-shapes, and flowing patterns repeat in concentric circles around each other.  The dark black detailing adds an almost three-dimensional aspect to the rug that brings it to life. Even just in the centre, the ornate complexity of the rug is apparent, showing the immense attention to detail paid by its makers.

The central panel is ensconced by a substantial frame, comprised of three petite friezes. The central frieze, larger and more ornate than its counterparts, draws the eye of the viewer. Its pattern is a harmonious blend of floral motifs, akin to the ones found in the central panel, alternating between two different types of flowers. The other smaller friezes boast great complexity even on a small scale, setting minute flowers atop a flowing border pattern.

The colour palette of this rug is utterly harmonious, rendered in muted tones that would pair well with multiple interior styles. Set against a dusty rose base with pale orange accents, it is the vibrant blue elements of the rug which stand out, helping to emphasise the impeccable symmetry of the design.

Far more than a mere floor covering, the outstanding craftsmanship and timeless design of this rug would make it an excellent addition to the collection of any antique connoisseur.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century


134 cm / 52.8 inches
91 cm / 35.8 inches


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