Monumental floral Venetian glass mirror


This stunning glass mirror is of superb quality, employing methods inspired by Old Venetian techniques and boasting highly intricate border detailing.


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This incredible glass mirror combines a simple yet elegant design with impressive detailing that elevates it to a masterful level.

The mirror is of a monumental size, with the central oval surmounted by a crest and tail of scrolling motifs crafted from cut glass. These decorative elements extend round the sides of the oval, mixing together rounded and angular designs with the utmost precision. These pieces of glass feature delicate engraved detail, as well as protruding crystal beads which add to the impressiveness of the mirror.

The upper and lower finials feature two cherubic figures standing guard, surrounded by an arch of acanthus leaves. The lower figure is posed in a dancing position, whilst the upper figure cradles a lyre in his arms, with a cape draped around his shoulders. Their nude bodies are skilfully rendered, with luscious locks adorning their heads, and this figural decoration raises this functional piece to a true work of art.

The floral motifs of the crest and tail are mirrored by the central surrounding panel. This border contrasts the serenity of the clear glass by inverting the colour scheme of the rest of the mirror, instead painting and etching foliate patterns onto deep black glass. As elsewhere, floral bullseye embellishments of multiple tiers adorn this section, beautifully catching the light and drawing the viewer’s eye.

Expertly etched and bevelled by its makers, this masterful piece would make a superb addition to the appropriate interior.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Glass, Mirror
Black, Clear, White


220 cm / 86.6 inches
124 cm / 48.8 inches
4 cm / 1.6 inches


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