Orientalist oil painting of Jerusalem by Georg Macco

By Macco, Georg (German, 1863-1933)


Possibly a record of Macco’s travels to Jerusalem, this vibrant painting portrays a busy market scene filled with people and animals.


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Painted by Georg Macco (1863-1933), a German landscape painter and illustrator, this Orientalist painting portrays a charming scene at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

The painting portrays a busy street, either side of it occupied by market stalls. The street is busy with groups of people but also animals such as goats and chickens. An elderly man clothed in brown and beige garments with a bright head scarf is seen walking towards the viewer. To the right of him, a female figure is standing facing the market stall and the seller, looking to buy fruits and vegetables. Behind the elderly man is a larger group of people, all dressed in bright clothing in shades of red, yellow, brown and blue. Some are seen walking away into the distance, some towards the viewer. Others are depicted in conversation, possibly haggling for the best price of the pieces on offer.

The left side of the painting is less occupied, with fewer market stalls and therefore fewer people. A lady is seen sitting next to a pile of brow bags and another figure facing away standing with a donkey can be observed in the background.

The background is filled with traditional, light-coloured architecture typical of the region the painting is based in. The painter included delicate green detailing on the architecture, adding another layer of intrigue to this wonderful painting.

The painting is framed in an elegant carved giltwood frame. In the bottom centre of it is a plaque reading ‘G. MACCO’. The piece is signed to the lower right ‘G. Macco’.

Georg Macco is most known for his Orientalist paintings. Around the turn of the century, he started to travel around the world, for example through the Mediterranean region. During his travels, he visited places such as Cairo, Istanbul and Jerusalem. These visits hugely inspired his renowned Orientalist works, and a great example of this is the painting in Mayfair Gallery’s collection. Macco’s works are displayed in museums such as the Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf.

Portraying a market scene full of life, Macco’s painting is a very desirable artwork, especially for anyone interested in vibrant Orientalist art.

Canvas: Height 42cm, width 59cm
Frame: Height 66cm, width 84cm. depth 8cm


Artist / Maker
By Macco, Georg (German, 1863-1933)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Early 20th Century
Early 20th Century
Giltwood, Oil on Canvas


66 cm / 26 inches
84 cm / 33.1 inches
8 cm / 3.1 inches


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