Pair of 8-light ormolu and silvered bronze candelabra


This pair of 19th century candelabra features figures of putti and birds inspired by Clodion's designs, mixing ormolu and silvered bronze.


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This exquisite large pair of 19th century French candelabra is a masterful work of artistry, demonstrating unmatched quality in its genre. Cast in both silvered and gilt bronze, the design pays a respectful homage to the iconic style of Clodion (French, 1738-1814).

Each candelabra features eight lights, each nestled elegantly atop multi-scrolling acanthus arms. The arms display an intricate foliate boss cast design, leading down to baluster candle nozzles, each adorned with delicate foliate collars. Complementing the design, detachable drip pans hang gracefully below each nozzle, adorned in classical fashion. The central composite stem, characterized by its meticulous foliate and baluster motifs, rises to climax in a corresponding candle nozzle.

Really adding to their opulence and distinguishing these candelabra from most of their contemporaries are the figures on each of the candelabras’ bases. On the first, a bacchanalian putto holds the neck of a swan. On the second, the putto sits on top of a grand eagle ready to take flight. These figures, both unique and highly unusual, offer an added layer of artistic depth to the pieces. The putti modelled in gilt bronze and the birds in silvered bronze, make a fascinating decoration, and the slight variation in theme between the two pieces captivates the viewer.

These candelabra find their foundation in naturalistic circular bases, further enhancing the overall design and ensuring stability. Their exceptionally fine quality not only surpasses many similar pieces from the era but also serves as a testament to the grandeur of the decorative arts in the period. The rare combination of the bacchanalian putto and the birds elevates them to a class of their own, making them not just functional objects but conversation-starting works of art.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Late 19th Century
Late 19th Century
Mythological, Neoclassical
Ormolu (Gilt Bronze), Silvered bronze
Gold, Silver


64 cm / 25.2 inches
37 cm / 14.6 inches
37 cm / 14.6 inches


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