Pair of antique French silver écuelle by Emile Delaire

By Delaire, Emile (French, active 1882-1920)


Designed for serving soups, these sophisticated Rococo-style écuelles were crafted by a Parisian silversmith and will add a touch of elegance to a dinner table.


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This pair of elegant écuelle was crafted in France around 1890 by the Parisian silversmith Emile Delaire (active 1882-1920).

The bulbous body of each bowl is supported by a flat circular base. The bodies are stamped with a ribbon-tied bunch of foliage and flowers, a motif repeated several times around the circumference of each piece. Two shaped handles are extending outwards on both sides. These are stamped with flowing C and S scrolls as well as floral motifs. The decoration on all parts of the pieces coherently plays together ensuring they are of a matching design.

Each bowl is topped with a decorated silver lid. The covers are adorned with numerous rocaille and floral décor, all synonymous with the French Rococo style popular in the 18th century. A bunch of pinecones surmount the covers adding an interesting three-dimensional feature to the design. Around the finial are nature-inspired motifs, stamped in a similar way as on the bowl below. A plain central cartouche allows for the possibility of a personalised engraving.

The pieces are stamped with the maker’s marks and together weigh approximately 1,764 grammes.

Écuelle is a French term for a two-handled bowl with a cover, usually used for serving soup. Such pieces were popular in 18th century France and could also be made from porcelain. Originally, écuelles were intended to be mostly used by new mothers or those ill in their private bedrooms, but as fashions changed, they later became part of a formal dinner setting.

Of a very fine quality decorated with nature-inspired motifs, this pair of écuelle is a magnificent addition to one’s collection of silver.


Artist / Maker
By Delaire, Emile (French, active 1882-1920)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1890
Late 19th Century


13 cm / 5.1 inches
31 cm / 12.2 inches
18 cm / 7.1 inches
1764 g


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