Pair of Bohemian overlay ruby glass and parcel gilt vases


Made in the famous centre of glass production, the pair features several intricate glassmaking techniques, and their design adds a vibrant pop of colour to a space.


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Of flared baluster form, this superb pair of glass vases was made in late 19th century Bohemia, the world-famous centre of glass production.

The body of each vase is made from ruby red glass, onto which a white glass overlay has been applied. The white glass panels adorn the neck, shoulder, body and foot of the vases. They are shaped in large leaf-like forms, repeated around the circumference of the pieces. Parcel gilding has been applied throughout the surfaces. On the white glass overlay, gilding accentuates the raised edges as well as adds further details to the white surfaces. Where the forms of the glass bodies change, the gold gilding is used to separate the various parts. The ruby red glass is painted with symmetrical, small foliage patterns, filling the available surface but simultaneously highlighting the vibrancy of the red glass.

Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic) specialised in the production of glass since the 16th century. The workshops expertly work in various types of glass, such as enamelled, painted or overlayed. The last technique, which has been applied to the superb vases in Mayfair Gallery’s collection focuses on overlaying several glass layers on top of each other. There is intricate shading between the layers, creating a superbly made piece of glasswork.

Of an eye-catching design produced in the renowned centre of glass production, this pair of magnificent vases would make any flower bouquet stand out.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Late 19th Century
Late 19th Century
Bohemian, Floral
Gold, Red, White


38 cm / 15 inches
14.5 cm / 5.5 inches


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