Pair of Persian Kashan floral wool rugs


These Kashan rugs beautifully meld time-honored traditions in their composition with unusually figurative and detailed floral motifs.


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This beautiful pair of Kashan woolen rugs captures the ancient charm and detailed artistry of Kashan designs, emanating an aura of luxury and antiquity.

At the heart of these rugs lies the quintessential Kashan rug feature - a tear-drop shaped medallion. It is an ode to classical design, with its heart adorned with geometric floral motifs. Around this, a festoon of floral illustrations unfolds, where the traditional pomegranate flower stands out with its iconic charm.

The central panel further reveals a geometrically arranged composition of floral designs. Some of these illustrations extend into vases, adding depth to the visual narrative. The corners are embellished with delicate foliage motifs, presenting a wonderful juxtaposition to the dense central design. A departure from the usual Kashan offerings, these rugs employ not strictly geometrical floral designs, but figurative ones, with unusual realistic detailing and softer, rounded edges. This shift lends the rug a soft, balanced appearance, setting it apart from its counterparts.

The rugs’ colour palette is an embodiment of subtlety and warmth. Woven in harmonious shades of pink, cream, blue, and salmon, the floral motifs stand stark against the deep-red backdrop of the central panel, narrating stories from ancient times.

Encasing the central tableau, there's a succession of five borders. These borders cascade into intricate floral frieze patterns, mirroring the colours of the central design. Most noteworthy among these is the broadest border, where the pomegranate motif takes centre stage, ensconced by the elegant acanthus foliage.

These Kashan rugs are not just pieces of art; they are investments. As a pair, their value is magnified, making them a sought-after possession for connoisseurs. In terms of interior design, they are a testament to timeless elegance. They can elevate the aesthetics of both traditional and contemporary spaces.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1930
20th Century


214 cm / 84.3 inches
129 cm / 50.8 inches


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