Pair of pictorial Persian Tabriz rugs


Innovative and contemporary, this pair of carpets break from Tabriz carpetmaking traditions and display figurative portrait-like designs.


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This pair of nearly identical carpets was produced in the region of Tabriz in Iran and is a rare example of contemporary ‘painterly’ style in the region’s rugmaking.

The carpets are hand-woven in wool and their makers’ skill is to be seen in the fine weaving technique and careful detailing that allow this piece to achieve pictorial excellence.

The carpets depict a woman in traditional Persian dressing, her long hair draping along her garments, their detailing masterfully executed, playing an Islamic harp. To the side og the harp we can find a bouquet of flowers, in rose, which are a traditional symbol of prosperity. The scene is set amongst a celestial background of curled lush clouds which are depicted in shades of cream and blue, giving the carpets a remarkably calm and ethereal aspect.

Further making these pieces unique within Tabriz traditions, the carpets do not feature a border of frame, contributing to their heavenly look extending onto the surrounding space, and fundamentally changing any room’s atmosphere.

The differences between the two carpets are minute and attest to the care their makers employed in producing them. The pair can be easily used as wall hangings, emulating painting, or on a floor. The carpets’ pictorial design and natura, peaceful, colours make the pair blend effortlessly into any space.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Persian interest


113 cm / 44.5 inches
83 cm / 32.7 inches


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