Persian carpet depicting ‘Memories of the Times Past’ by Bogle


The carpet showcases the skills of contemporary Persian carpet weavers from Tabriz and celebrates the work of an American artist, Lee Bogle.


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Inspired by a limited-edition print of Lee Bogle’s ‘Memories of Times Past’ lithographic print originally published in 2001. Lee Bogle is an American artist and his works have been widely exhibited around the USA.

This Persian carpet, woven in Tabriz, depicts a Native American woman in a resting pose. She is gracefully resting on a small rug, she is surrounded by various jewellery, feathers, and decorative objects. The brown-haired beauty is portrayed with her eyes closed, a feature common in Bogle’s work as by doing this he aims to portray the figures in a state of deep contemplation and peace. She is clothed in a cream-coloured dress with flowing feathers and bead ornamentation. Turquoise and cream beads are draped over her body and extending onto the ground in front of her. The various vessels placed behind and in front of the protagonist are of varied patterns all painted in a polychrome colour palette.

The background is left plain, painted in numerous shades of brown. The darker shades of the background create a superb contrast between the foreground and the background subjects. This ensures the female figure together with her possessions stands out. The central composition is framed in a maroon-colored border.

In the bottom right corner of the carpet, there is indistinguishable writing. The two long sides of the carpet terminate in a rich collection of ivory-coloured tassels.

Made using a selection of high-quality wool threads and finished to high quality, this carpet is an outstanding piece of home decoration and would make a wonderful floor covering or wall hanging.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
21st Century
21st Century
20th and 21st Century Design, Figurative Art


89 cm / 35 inches
60 cm / 23.6 inches


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