Persian geometric silk and wool carpet, Isfahan circa 1970


This Isfahan carpet blends impressively intricate geometrically designed flower motifs with a vibrant colour scheme.


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This striking 20th century Persian carpet was woven in wool and silk in the Isfahan region, which has been famous for many generations for its exceptional rug-making artisanship of the highest quality.

This carpet displays an intricate symmetrical design featuring most prominently a geometric design pattern of concentric vines.

The vine construction centers around a central medallion built from intricately woven small Islamic architectural motifs, including fleur-de-lis. Both the medallion and the vine construction live amidst a field of tightly woven flowers and leaves, including ottoman flowers and traditional boteh motifs.

The entire central panel is then surrounded by a wide floral border that features robust palmette designs and petite flowers and is flanked by two small symmetrical friezes in vine-like shapes.

The carpet is woven mostly in tones of pink, cerulean, and ruby, with the background of both the central panel and the frame being woven in differing shades of salmon and rose, giving the carpet a distinctively vibrant look. The rug is accentuated by brilliant touches of crimson, indigo, orange, pink, and deep red in the small flower decorations.

This carpet is also remarkable for its impressively tight knot. The finer and tighter a rug is knotted, the more detailed ornaments and patterns can be depicted on the pile, which this carpet makes use of in its detailed designs. Furthermore, the knot density makes this a robust carpet, which is sure to last for many generations.

This carpet transforms any interior with its intricate design and vibrant colours while it tells a story of a rich cultural heritage.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Persian interest
Silk, Wool


183 cm / 72 inches
109 cm / 42.9 inches


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