Persian Kashan carpet with tree of life and animals


This woolen Kashan rug presents a vibrant 'tree of life' motif, bustling with diverse fauna and flora, set against contrasting backdrops.


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An enchanting forest scene is presented in this splendid woolen Kashan rug. As one lays their eyes upon it, a traditional 'tree of life' motif stands grand, surrounded by a verdant assembly of branches, foliage, and exquisite blooms. The artistry displayed in this piece is nothing short of remarkable.

The central panel is an ode to nature, bustling with life. Both the central tree of life as well as its surrounding smaller trees stand in a tableau that's reminiscent of a serene landscape, with each detail meticulously rendered. They display a plentiful construction of branches filled with foliage and flowers. These motifs include the traditional geometrical flowers found in Persian carpets and unusual ones like delicate berries and full-bodied acanthus leaves, radiating outwards from the tree's limbs.

The central tree's roots find their abode in a shimmering lake of bright blue, making it the central panel's lower framing element. The waters teem with life – elegant ducks gliding gracefully, nimble fish darting about, majestic deer quenching their thirst, playful dogs chasing after mischievous rabbits. This rich tapestry of animals speaks volumes about nature's boundless beauty.

Perched on the branches above, a myriad of birds looks upon this bustling scene, including a detailed peacock, its iridescent feathers shimmering with light. All these lively depictions pop against the rug's soft cream background, ensuring they capture and hold one’s attention.

The central display is ensconced within a lavish frame, also taking inspiration from the wonders of fauna. Sequential patterns come alive with rosette-like escutcheons showcasing alternating scenes of deer, rabbits, and dogs. The escutcheons are orbited by a myriad of other birds and alluring floral motifs, all set against a deep, contrasting navy background. This boundary is accentuated with intricate geometrical friezes lining its inner and outer sides, adding to the rug's aesthetic depth.

This woolen Kashan rug, in all its grandeur, is not just a decorative piece but a storytelling artifact – one that transports the observer to a world where nature reigns supreme in all its glory and splendor. This carpet is a constant reminder of the intricate beauty that nature offers.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1940
20th Century


217 cm / 85.4 inches
132 cm / 52 inches


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