Persian silk floral Qum carpet


This Qum silk carpet, woven with intricate motifs and a harmonious palette of muted blues, creams, and maroons, is an elegant display of technique.


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Hailing from the historic city of Qum, this exquisite Persian silk carpet stands as a testament to the artistry of Persian weavers. At a glance, its thin, tight weave immediately alludes to the premium silk material from which it has been meticulously crafted. The carpet's intricate and detailed designs echo centuries of carpet-making traditions.

The carpet's central panel is marked by an arresting medallion, with a geometrically symmetrical rosette pulsating at its heart. Framing this rosette is a delicate arrangement of small peonies, their beauty intensified by their precision. From this central medallion further emanates a series of outward-facing palmettes, establishing a rhythmic, concentric composition.

The surrounding field of the carpet introduces a dazzling dance of motifs: boteh, pomegranate, rosette, and palmette, all intertwined in a delicate waltz, surrounded by stylized foliage and interconnecting stems. Meanwhile, in the carpet's corners there are iris motifs, which, in their arabesque-like intricacy, appear as if sketched by the quill of a master calligrapher.

The central panel is framed in an extensive border. Here, palmettes in an alternating mirrored configuration form a pattern that subtly reminds one of the geometrical designs of European Art Deco pieces. This border is accompanied on either side by slender friezes that draw inspiration from the "running water" motif, a quintessential representation in Persian design.

The carpet's palette is a lesson in restrained opulence. Muted blues merge seamlessly with soft creams and deep maroons, all of which play out harmoniously against the central panel's warm cream backdrop. In totality, this Persian silk carpet from Qum is not just an object of beauty but a narrative of history, art, and culture, woven together with threads of silk.


Country of Origin
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20th Century
20th Century


131 cm / 51.6 inches
79 cm / 31.1 inches


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