Persian silk Qum rug with a woodland design


Showcasing the incredible skill of Iranian carpet weavers, this rug is decorated with a plethora of charming animal and woodland scenes.


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Wonderfully woven from silk in Qum, a city in Iran, this richly decorated rug showcases various animals alongside other nature-inspired motifs.

The large central panel is coloured in navy blue on which a large selection of neutrally coloured illustrations is placed. The panel can be divided into three sections, with each one consisting of three trees or bushes. These are rendered in shades of brown, blue, and green. Each plant is surrounded by birds and deer.  More prominent birds, most likely herons, occupy the lower part of the panel.

The charming woodland composition is framed by four borders. Two of them are the same while two are of a differing design. The ones closest to the central design and the outer edge are filled with a maroon-coloured background on top of which bright blue, red, and black flowers and foliage are added. The wider border is filled with the same animals as the central panel but depicted in lighter shades and on a brighter background. The thinnest, outside border is left plain only coloured in a very deep orange shade.

The two shorter ends of the rug feature cream-coloured tassels.

The design of this silk rug celebrates the beauty of the natural world as well as the work of skilled Iranian carpet weavers and is a very desirable addition to one’s collection.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Animal / Animalier, Birds / Ornithology, Floral


161 cm / 63.4 inches
105 cm / 41.3 inches


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