Russian gilt bronze, cut glass and blue porcelain chandelier


This stunning antique Russian chandelier is unusual for its centre of blue porcelain, which contrasts beautifully with the surrounding gilt and glass.


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With beautifully ornate ormolu and glass decoration, this fantastic 19th century Russian chandelier uses vibrant turquoise porcelain for its central column. The exquisite lighting piece issues twelve individual lights, each of which attaches to the central blue porcelain stem with an ormolu branch. The lights are grouped in pairs, with a third arm and candle cup in between each pair of lights that holds a shining cut-glass obelisk. Floral gilt decoration adorns the centre of each trio of arms, whilst a blooming ormolu tulip emerges from between each set of three.

The bright blue porcelain stem is highly distinctive, sporting a bulbous shape that is surmounted by a pine-cone finial. The vibrant turquoise shade of the column provides a stunning visual contrast with the gilt bronze and glass that surrounds it, showing the expertness of design.

Three tiers of cascading glass droplets provide further intricate decoration, which beautifully catch the light once the chandelier is illuminated. Larger glass pendants also hang from the main ormolu frame in a variety of shapes, adding luxury to this ornate piece.

With its sensational colour contrasts and luxurious materials, this stunning Russian chandelier would be a beautiful addition to the appropriate interior.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
19th Century
19th Century
Russian Interest
Crystal, Cut Glass, Ormolu (Gilt Bronze), Porcelain
Blue, Gold


120 cm / 47.2 inches
90 cm / 35.4 inches


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