Set of Biblical prints after the Dutch golden age painter G. Hoet

After Hoet, Gerard (Dutch, 1648-1733)


These prints after the Dutch golden age painter and engraver Gerard Hoet each feature a fascinating composition executed with superb draughtsmanship.


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This large collection of prints, 131 in total, comprise an array of Old Testament scenes after the Dutch painter and engraver Gerard Hoet. Active during the Dutch golden age, Hoet first learnt drawing and painting from his father, the glass-painter Moses Hoet, before moving to The Hague in 1762 and setting up his own studio as an independent master. His artistic style, exemplary of Dutch Classisizing Academic art, is in effect the opposite of Rembrandt: his work is highly refined, detailed, and meticulously designed and drawn, as befitting his training. His oeuvre is characterized by large history paintings, with a keen interest in mythological, historical, and biblical scenes. 

The present set of images are all prints made after Gerard Hoet by various makers, with the biblical verse quoted underneath and a short description given in Hebrew, English, German, Latin, French, and Dutch. The compositions are all unique and equally compelling, varying from the idyllic and calm, to the tempestuous, dramatic, and numinous; they are united, however, by exceptional dratfsmanship, beautiful rendering of the natural world, and a powerful and Classical rendering of the human form.

Examples shown here include 'Moses promulgates the law', Deut. V.1-33, 'Joseph rides in a Chariot through Egypt', Gen. XLI.43, 'Jacob flies away from Laban', Gen. XXXI. 1-21, 'The oblation out of the spoils of the Midianites' Numer. 31. 50-54, and 'Abraham servant sweareth to his master', Gen. XXIV. 9. 

Each is labelled 'G. Hoet del' in the bottom left corner with the corresponding maker in the bottom right. 


Artist / Maker
After Hoet, Gerard (Dutch, 1648-1733)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
18th Century and Earlier
Academic, Biblical, Landscape, Old Master
Ink, Paper
Black, White


45 cm / 17.7 inches
30.5 cm / 11.8 inches


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