Set of fourteen Stations of the Cross oil paintings by Völkel

By Völkel, Oswald (German, 1873-1952)


Völkel’s full collection of religious-themed paintings tells the important narrative of the last hours of Jesus’ life, a story that creates a deep sense of reverence.


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This complete set of oil paintings depicts all Stations of the Cross (also called the Way of the Cross). They were painted in 1909 by the German artist, Oswald Völkel (1873-1952).

The Stations of the Cross is a series of images portraying Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion. They are one of the most important and popular devotions and can be found in almost all Western Christian Churches. Inspired by the Via Dolorosa, the processional route in Jerusalem, symbolic of the path Jesus walked to Mount Calvary where he got crucified, the images allow those who are unable to travel to Jerusalem for the pilgrimage to partake in the spiritual and important happening.

Völkel’s unusually shaped paintings are vibrantly coloured and expertly executed. Each station is respectfully portrayed and transports the viewer to a state of deep reverence. Jesus, in particular his crown of thorns, is highlighted by the painter making them the main focus of the paintings. The crown of thorns has a yellow aura around it emphasizing its significance in the story.

The Stations of the Cross aim to aid the spiritual pilgrimage through the short time before Jesus got crucified (a period also known as the Passion of Jesus). Each of the 14 stations depicts a scene from the traditional processional route, including the times when Jesus falls three times, when the women of Jerusalem weep over him, and when he is nailed to the cross.

Eleven paintings are framed and three are not. The frames are wonderfully made from carved wood. Most frames include Roman numerals painted in gold and black signifying which Station of the Cross the artwork is depicting. Around the canvas is giltwood detailing framing the piece. The base of several frames is too painted with gold and black writing which describe the station depicted in the painting above.

The painting portraying the first station is signed in the lower left ‘O. Völkel pinx. 1909.’ and painting depicting station ten is signed in lower right ‘O. Voelkel pinx. 1909’. The reverse of one canvas is signed with the following message ‘Dieser Kreuznreg nrurde / gestifitet von den Geschwustern / Kresenz Kuhn / u. Viktoria Jhle geb. Kuhn / i. Seigen / Einweihung / d.30.I.1910. / kompon.u.gemalt / osw. Völkel München’.

Of a very important religious symbolism, this complete set of the Stations of the Cross would make an exceptional addition to one’s collection of religious objects.

Canvas: Height 80cm, width 82cm
Frame: Height 134cm, width 111cm, depth 8cm


Artist / Maker
By Völkel, Oswald (German, 1873-1952)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Early 20th Century
Biblical, Religious
Oil on Canvas, Wood


134 cm / 52.8 inches
111 cm / 43.7 inches
8 cm / 3.1 inches


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