South Caucus ‘wheel of life’ multi-coloured runner


This handwoven runner from the South Caucus melds ancient traditions with vibrant designs and colours, illustrating the region's rugmaking mastery.


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This beautiful runner originates from the South Caucus and it exemplifies the traditions of the region’s rugmaking expertise. It was handwoven entirely in wool and presents a rich and remarkable decorative tableau.

The carpet is fashioned in a traditional form, with a succession of outer borders framing an adorned central panel. In the central panel, one can find six large examples of the wheel of life motif in varying shapes, sizes and colours. This ancient tribal motif refers to the ever-changing, yet cyclical nature of life. Flanking these motifs are smaller rosettes and delicate geometric flower decorations in shades of red, beige and ivory. The central panel is set against a vivid blue background.

The border features a rosette patterned frieze of multiple, striking colours, including yellow, blue, maroon, and ochre. The rosettes of the top and bottom sides of the runner are elongated to produce a dynamic effect. The intensity of these colours gives the carpet charm and is further augmented by its contrast with the ivory-coloured background of the border. This border is flanked by parallel zigzag patterned friezes which also feature multiple colours.

The runner is a striking piece due to the vivid and diverse shades employed in it and the attention to detail in its motifs. It provides an original and interesting addition to any interior space while simultaneously representing the age-old traditions of the South Caucus and its tribal rugmaking legacy.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century


262 cm / 103.1 inches
109 cm / 42.9 inches


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