Two silver gilt and cloisonné enamel Russian Easter eggs on stands


Symbolising the rebirth of men, the Russian Easter eggs are ornately decorated using a complex technique and are displayed on elegant silver gilt stands.


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Silver gilt as well as the complex technique of cloisonné enamelling has been used to create these two stunning eggs. The 20th century Russian craftsmen showcase their superb skills through the creation of complex patterns on the surfaces of each egg.  

The first egg is covered with a bright blue enamel on which a sea of vibrant red stars is interspersed. The central band, positioned in a place where the egg opens, is filled with a repetitive design of flowers rendered in shades of cream, red, and blue. A similar, smaller design surmounts the egg.  The piece is stamped with markings in Cyrillic as well as the ‘88’ zolotnik mark indicative of the purity of silver.  

The second egg is adorned with a plethora of stylised floral motifs. These are filled with red, green, blue and white enamels which beautifully stand out against the darker silver background. A band of eye-catching blue circles fills the circumference of the egg, too highlighting the part where the piece opens to reveal a hollow, silver gilt interior.  

In Russian culture, Easter eggs symbolise the rebirth of men and showcase the superb skills of their makers. 

Of an important cultural meaning as well as filled with many decorative elements, the two eggs are a superb addition to one’s interior.  


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Russian Interest
Enamel - Cloisonné, Silver, Silver-gilt


12 cm / 4.7 inches
4.5 cm / 1.6 inches


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