Very large Persian Hamedan runner rug


This long hand-woven Persian runner rug showcases the intricate geometric artistry and rich cultural history of traditional Hamedan carpet-making.


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A world of intricate craftsmanship and ancient tradition is illustrated in this exquisite handwoven Hamedan runner rug, boasting a rich tapestry of geometric design that's characteristic of Hamedan craftsmanship.

The central panel captivates the observer's attention with its bold geometrical decorations – it features a complex, grid-like layout of stylized Herati motifs. These ancient Persian constructions dance seamlessly across, interconnecting with resplendent floral patterns, including the iconic boteh. A backdrop of traditional Hamedan bright red is offset beautifully by the geometric abstract motifs, rendered predominantly in cool shades of blue and white. The symmetry and attention to detail are evident in every weave, creating a harmonious and captivating visual spectacle.

Encasing this central masterpiece are delicate friezes: the inner one with a beaded design and the outer one presenting a playful zigzag pattern. Outwards of those, the carpet features three borders. Each one is a testament to the weaver's artistry, showcasing stylized geometric designs. Most notable is the widest border, which comes alive with traditional dragon-like motifs set against a pristine ivory background.

Measuring remarkably long, this runner rug promises more than just visual appeal. Its woolen make ensures a luxurious softness underfoot, while simultaneously being resistant and durable, due to the tight weaving traditional of Hamedan.

Superbly suited to grace hallways or corridors, this rug doesn't just adorn a space—it transforms it, infusing it with a touch of history, opulence, and cultural richness.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1950
20th Century


500 cm / 196.9 inches
76 cm / 29.9 inches


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