Very large Russian silver and cloisonné enamel kovsch


The kovsch celebrates the long and important tradition of ceremonial presents gifted by Russian tsars and showcases the superb skills of its makers.


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Crafted in Russia in the 20th century, the kovsch is made from silver and is adorned using the cloisonné enamelling technique.  

The kovsch is decorated in high relief with a plethora of motifs of various shapes and sizes. Symmetrical patterns adorn all sides of this drinking vessel. The colours interchange between white, silver and shades of blue with red accents. The inside as well as some parts of the outside are silver-gilt further emphasising the intricate design. Extending from the large, bulbous body is the handle made and decorated in a similar manner as the rest of the piece. Its spine is mounted with several amber pieces adding a delicate and elegant feature to the kovsch’s design.    

An important symbol in Russian culture, the history of kovsch dates back to the 10th century when they served as simple vessels or ladles. Over the centuries, they developed to become desirable ceremonial presents gifted by tsars. A main characteristic of kovschs’ is their elaborate decoration, exemplified by the very fine piece in Mayfair Gallery’s collection.  

The reverse bears spurious marks.  

Showcasing numerous craft techniques, this kovsch would be a magnificent addition to one’s collection. 


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Russian Interest
Enamel - Cloisonné, Silver


13 cm / 5.1 inches
31 cm / 12.2 inches
16 cm / 6.3 inches


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