Antique 19th century Russian silver samovar


Showcasing the refined opulence of Imperial Russia, this antique silver samovar is a superb example of a very desirable Russian collectable.


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Crafted in 1875 by skilled Russian craftsmen, this silver samovar is of superb quality. During the times of Imperial Russia, only the elite possessed samovars made from silver, therefore the example in Mayfair Gallery most likely has been owned by a person of status.

The fluted body is left plain but the neck above is pierced with elegant shapes such as stars. The shaped handles beautifully match the overall design and ensure the antique is easy to move. Extending upwards from the silver spout, the pierced handle is of a matching design to the pierced decoration on the foot and neck of this Russian silver. Several pieces of the samovar, such as the cover and handles feature delicate ivory detailing.

A raised circular base supported on four scroll feet acts as the base of the samovar. It is engraved with a monogram encased in a shield reading HGK in Cyrillic, most likely the initials of the person it was crafted for.

Stamped on the samovar is an assay mark of Ivan Vonifatiyevich Yevstigneyev, with an unidentified maker's mark (possibly Latin J.H for Johann Heinoin). The piece weighs approximately 3,502 grammes.

Samovars are large containers filled with hot water, on top of which a teapot with a very strongly concentrated tea can be placed. One would mix tea with hot water to create a desirable tea taste.   

Wonderfully executed, this silver samovar is an exceptional addition to one’s collection of Russian antiques.

The ivory in this piece has been registered under the ivory submission reference: V1JKZ5L6.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Late 19th Century
Russian Interest
Ivory, Silver


42 cm / 16.5 inches
28 cm / 11 inches
31 cm / 12.2 inches
3502 g


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