Roybet, Ferdinand (French, 1840-1920)

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Ferdinand Victor Léon Roybet (French, 1840-1920) trained as an engraver and was best known for his historical and costume genre scenes.

His career took off when he submitted a painting to the Salon titled ‘Un fou sous Henri III’, 1866 (today in the Musée de Grenoble) which was acquired by Princess Mathilde Bonaparte. This purchase ensured his reputation and established his style as an historical painter.

His travels around Continental Europe allowed him to study first hand Old Master paintings and Franz Hals and Rembrandt became important sources of inspiration for his work. He received a Legion of Honour in 1893 for his prolific career and his clients included wealthy American industrialists such as Cornelius Vanderbilt.

At the end of his life, he completed a series of religious subject paintings of the Passion of Christ and after his death, in Paris, the Musée Roybet Fould was established in Courbevoie, near Paris by his friend, patron and fellow artist Consuelo Fould.