Austrian Orientalist cold-painted bronze lamp by Bergman

By Bergman, Franz Xaver (Austrian, 1861-1936)


Made using a complex and forgotten technique, this sculptural lamp is an example of high-quality work produced by the celebrated Austrian maker.


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This wonderful lamp was expertly made in the workshops of Franz Xaver Bergman (1861-1936). He was a renowned Austrian maker specialising in the creation of cold-painted bronze sculptures.

Made in the early 20th century, the sculptural lamp is cast to depict a scene based in an outdoor kitchen. The architectural details are typical of those found in other Bergman pieces. Various textiles resting on a bamboo construction are used to act as protection from rain or sun. The walls are decorated with objects one would usually find in a kitchen environment such as mugs and jugs hanging on individual hooks. A wooden shelf, too attached to the wall acts as a storage space for plates of various sizes.

In the foreground are two Arab figures. The first male is holding a bucket strapped to a rope. He is in the process of gathering water from the well in front of him. An ornate vase stands on a wooden plank in front of him. The second male figure is crouching on the ground with a mug and plate in his hands, suggesting he is in the process of eating. Both are dressed in similar, Orientalist style clothing coloured in shades of red, white, green and blue.

In the middle stands a fireplace with a bamboo stick construction, from which a large pot hangs. A charming cat sits next to it cleaning its paw.  

The base of the lamp is stamped with a ‘B’ in an urn-shaped cartouche testifying to its important maker. 

The technique of cold painting bronze involved applying layers of unfired dust paint to bronze pieces. This resulted in the creation of beautifully coloured sculptures and other decorative pieces such as the lamp in Mayfair Gallery’s collection. This manufacturing technique has been largely forgotten, making this piece a particularly desirable addition to one’s collection.


Artist / Maker
By Bergman, Franz Xaver (Austrian, 1861-1936)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Early 20th Century
Early 20th Century


19 cm / 7.5 inches
23 cm / 9.1 inches
14 cm / 5.5 inches


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