Large antique wood and cold-painted bronze figurative lamp


This antique lamp has an unusual design, and showcases the excellent cold-painted bronze designs emerging from Vienna at the turn of the century.


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Of a typical Orientalist subject, this cold-painted bronze lamp depicts a quiet moment of repose, as a camel and its owner rest side-by-side underneath the shade of a palm tree.

The figure and animal are rendered with remarkable verisimilitude, showcasing the skill of the maker. The man is dressed in a typical Orientalist fashion, sporting a turban and flowing green robe over his gold trousers. The colours are very vibrant, particularly on the red and blue carpet which sits on top of the camel’s saddle, catching the eye with its white and gold geometric patterning. The viewer feels as if they have stumbled upon an everyday moment of tranquillity, and such an evocative atmosphere is highly unusual for objects of this type.

The lamp fixture is carefully hidden amongst the tall palm tree, which features delicately etched detail along the trunk to replicate the texture of the bark. Further bright colour can be seen in the green palm leaves, showcasing the possibilities of the cold-painting technique.

The lamp and figurative elements stand on top of a bronze base, which itself sits on top of a large wooden base with a resin coat, the top of which is covered with sand. The wooden base is carved and coated to look like a tree stump, further invoking the natural themes.

The bronze base is stamped ‘AUSTRIA’.

Combining an interesting subject and design with skilled craftsmanship, this fine antique lamp would be a wonderful desk piece, or make an excellent addition to any collection of Orientalist art.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1910
Early 20th Century
Bronze, Wood, Sand
Brown, Green, Metallic, Multi-coloured


42 cm / 16.5 inches
41 cm / 16.1 inches
30 cm / 11.8 inches


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