Large Viennese cold-painted bronze and alabaster sculpture


With the use of the complex cold-painting technique, Viennese craftsmen masterfully depicted a family travelling on camels and a donkey through a desert.


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Crafted in early 20th century Vienna, the sculpture depicts an intriguing scene.

Three camels and one donkey are seen walking in a line formation. Each one carries a figure dressed in traditional Orientalist clothing. All garments are wonderfully rendered in shades of brown, red, blue and yellow. Each camel is dressed in an ornate saddle, with bright red tassels hanging down their body. While the front and back camels only support the weight of one male figure and are not led by anyone, the central two animals are surrounded by others. A mother and a child ride a smaller camel which is led by a male figure. A woman rides the donkey steered by another woman.

Fine details are cast in bronze, such as the animal’s hair texture or the flowing look of the textiles. Such intricate features add to the overall impressive appearance of the sculpture.

The four cold-painted bronze sculptures stand on a large alabaster slab mounted on a wooden base covered with a worked sheet of bronze. The white and orange colouration evokes the imagery of a desert in which the figures might be travelling.

The combination of four separate sculptures used to create one is unusual and makes this decorative object a very desirable addition to one’s collection.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1910
Early 20th Century
Alabaster, Bronze


19 cm / 7.5 inches
52 cm / 20.5 inches
33 cm / 13 inches


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