Ormolu (Gilt Bronze)

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Ormolu refers to a gilding technique, in which a mixture of finely-ground, high-carat gold is applied to an object of bronze to create a beautiful finish.

In English, ormolu is referred to as 'gilt bronze', while the French use the term 'bronze doré'. 

The expenisve, delicate ormolu process produces works of a matt gold appearance that can be highly polished. Ormolu became incredibly popular in 18th Century France and was favoured by European royalty on account of its beauty, expense and the level of craftsmanship required to create such high quality works. Precious ormolu mounts are common to fine items of antique furniture, clocks and lighting and ormolu retained its appeal well into the 19th and 20th Centuries, owing to the beautiful golden finish that is created on objects.

The opulent and luxurious effect that ormolu produces means that the appearance of ormolu mounted furniture and decorative objects have retianed their appeal well into the present day.